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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Use By Private Detective Agencies


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Hello; as technology become a major factor in the ever changing professions, Private Investigators have to change with it; the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by our military has made various commercial  organizations interested in there use.
     The study and development of the UAVs occurred many years ago;  as far back as the 1800s. The development of UAVs from the 1800s has lead to an increase of various types from the US Army, US Air Force, and the US Navy.
There is even usage on the United States borders by the US Border patrol.
There is even implementations by the United States Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) for civilian use of commercial airspace systems by UAVs.
     The use of the US Army's Predator and the US Air Force's  Global Hawk has lead to a large increase in future development of various forms of UAVs and updated versions of current models. Before I continue any further I must give you a brief history; Laurence R. Newcome 2004, elaborates on how unmanned flight in the 1800s begin; "simultaneously with that of manned airplane flight," (Newcome 2004, 49). Newcome 2004, 49; further states that the lesson learned by the testing of flight stability of unmanned models by Cayley's model glider in 1804, DuTemple's clockwork powered unmanned model in 1857, and Langley's unmanned steam powered in 1896 were proceeded by manned flight precursors," (Newcome 2004, 49).
     While we are talking about unmanned aerial flight, the first occurred in World War II by, "Germany's V-1 buz bomb, that was developed by Otto
Lilienthal," (Newcome 2004, 49), who was eventually was, "killed in a crash
of one of his hang glider," (Newcome 2004,50). This is just a brief history about UAVs. One of the UAVs that could be suitable for the PI industry or any law enforcement industry is the MAV.
     The Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV). Cezary Galinski PhD 2010, 16; defines
the MAV as, "a flying vehicle as small as practical to perform direct
reconnaissance missions safely, and that is portable and can be operated by a
single person including an entire ground station," (Galinski 2010, 23). These are the types of  UAVs that could be used by civilian organizations or PIs. The MAVs that Galinski discusses, he states, "that there can be many different configurations such as:

            * Fixed wing MAVs for long endurance outdoors missions
            * Rotary MAVs for short endurance outdoors missions with hover
            * Flapping MAVs for indoor missions (Galinski 2010, 23)

So what is the future of UAVs and UCAVs (unmanned combat aerial vehicles). It appears that UAVs and UCAVs appears to be moving into the
civilian sector; in, "February of 2012 the United States Congress approved a
four-year, $63 billion budget for the implementation of a NextGen program," (Dillow 2012, 4). This is a, "plan by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to upgrade and digitize America's national airspace," (Dillow 2012). In this plan the FAA's digitized airspace would be
the same as the US Navy's digitized airspace around their US carrier. Under the FAA's NexGen program, "engineers will replace radars with GPS," (Dillow 2012, 4).

     Just to conclude this discussion; aircraft under the NexGen progam will,
"communicate over a data link with air traffic control towers and other aircraft
both manned and unmanned; within this $63 billion budget is included a mandate to integrate civilian drones into national airspace by 2015," (Dillow 2012). Rebecca Boyle 2012 of  Popular Science, states that by September 30, 2015, UAVs will be flying in civilian airspace; this being the case there will be prolong discussions about the feasibility of the use of UAVs and MAVs.

     The  use of MAVs by Private Detective Agencies would be a plus and aid them in surveillance of an area. The future use by Homeland Security and local law enforcement can be a viable asset for these agencies.


Dillow, C 2012, I AM WAR PLANE, Popular Science, July

Galinski, C 2010, Influence of MAV characteristics on their applications
     Warsaw University of Technology

Newcome, Laurence R 2004, Unmanned Aviation: A Brief History of Unmanned Aerial
     Vehicles, VA: American Institute of Astronautics, Inc., 49-50





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