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     I'm going to veer of the subject of law enforcement just a little. There are other phenomena
happening each and every day in this world around us; sometimes it's a good idea to look up
into the sky. In an incident that happen above the Norwegian Arctic on December 9, 2009;
Scandinavians also witness this incident as well as those in Norway, "which was high in the
sky," (Platov and Chernouss 2010, 186). Many people thought of various explanations to
explain what was occurring as, "God signs or Aliens," (Platov and Chernouss 2010). Various
hypotheses were discussed, but it had been verified by, "the Defense Ministry in Russia and
news service; that on December 9, 2009, that a Russian Submarine test fired at 06:45
Universal Time (UT) and 09:45 Moscow time; fired from under the White Sea; a ballistic
missile called the, "Bulava," (Platov and Chernouss 2010).

     To acquire a more accurate picture of what occurred on that night, click on the following
link: This newcast begins with China
shutting down one of their airports due to a UFO on July 7, 2010 as reported by ABC News.
This ABC News report will show the actual spiral light in the sky as seen by those in Norway
and other countries. This link will also show other news reports of various anomalies in the
sky; you decide?

     The explanation given by Dr. Platov and Dr. Chernouss 2010, may have occurred over
Norway; but what about the rest of the spirals from the above You Tube link? In
Figure 1a below you can see the spiral over Norway that Dr. Platov and Dr. Chernouss 2010,
stated that the,
                                        Fig. 1a

 "Rocket track that was visible was a result of the scattering of sunlight on the products of
combustion during the launch from the White Sea." In figure  1b below it shows a missile
launch on September 23, 2005, from Vandenberg (Platov and Chernouss 2010).
                                        Fig. 1b

Doctor Platov PhD and Doctor Chernouss PhD 2010; states that the flight path of both missiles
in figure 1a and 1b were illuminated by sunlight on the day side of the earth while those who
witness these phenomena were on the night side of the earth when these rockets were launched.
     In further studies; Platov and Chernouss 2010, calculated the, "geometrical parameters of the
spiral seen over Norway using an actual photo; as shown in figure 2 below.
                                        Fig. 2

 you can see from the beginning to the end of the spiral; it reached an elevation of 166 miles/267km. I will not go any further into this discussion, but I will say that this is a plausible
explanation for these phenomena but what about the others?
     In conclusion, the evidence on the following links is something for you to decide:


Is it possible something like this could've happen to Malaysia Flight MH370?


Chernouss, Sergey 2010, Optical phenomena associated with the launch of a ballistic missile
          "Bulava" December 9, 2009, Geophysical Institute KSC RAS, 186-189
           (Retrieved on March 15, 2014)
Philippe 2010, UAP explained as Optical Phenomena caused by Rockets Exhaust Products
            In the Atmosphere, Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP)
            Observation Reporting Scheme
    (Retrieved on March 15, 2014)
Platov, Yulii 2010, Optical phenomena associated with the launch of a ballistic missile
             "Bulava" December 9, 2009, Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and
              Radio Wave Propagation RAS, 186-189
              (Retrieved on March 15, 2014) (Retrieved on March 15, 2014) (Retrieved on March 15, 2014)


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